Need a Portable Grill – Get the NomadiQ Foldup

I’m not going to take this sleek little number in my backpack hiking — but the point is — you could. Best for leaving in the car and pulling out for an impromptu sunset dinner at the park. This is truly a compact and portable gas grill weighing only 12 pounds. It can also be used as a quick tabletop grill for inside or outside.

Nomadiq Grill
Nomadiq Grill

I really wanted to show you some pics of peeps out grilling with this grill in this post to show you the size better. I thought the Nomandiq site would have all kinds of fun pics on their website of romantic grilling episodes with the ambiance of great lighting — it makes such a fun impromptu private event (I leave the lights in the car, too). The site doesn’t have great pics of cooking — but they should! This is a fun little grill — so small you can take it anywhere and yet big enough to toss three or four steaks and veggies on the grill. It’s so convenient.

I was hoping to show you great grilling foods to get you in the mood to cook. Grilling, either indoors, out on the deck, or out in the wild makes a regular meal special and this is the grill for those quick meals. It’s fast to clean up and doesn’t make a mess. So without the Nomandiq Grill website having great food pics — I went to Pexels to finding grilling inspiration.

Nomandiq grill
grilling ribs Nomandiq grill

We have grilled shrimp, mushrooms, zucchini, and tomatoes together. Of course, the steak, tomato, onion and pepper kabob is always a favorite. Online you can find all kinds of grilling ideas (from much better cooks than I am). It’s one of the reasons I like grilling — it makes you seem a better cook than you may be. This little grill is great for doing ribs.

The main thing is — pull out your NomandiQ grill (you can leave this one out on the counter) and make your evening meal special tonight.

Image Credit: grill, NomadiQ site; thank you!

Image Credit: ribs; denys gromov; pexels; thank you!

Top Image Credit: narda yescas; pexels; thank you!

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