Prison Architect 2 delayed again, this time to September

A second delay has been confirmed for Prison Architect 2, less than a month before the expected launch date. The game is now expected to launch on Sept. 3.

The announcement came Friday from publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Double Eleven. The initial launch for PS5, Xbox, and Steam was scheduled for March 25 and then delayed to May 7. The extra four months will be used to address crash issues as memory usage was impacting gameplay, as detailed in a statement from Paradox.

“While we currently have builds certified on all platforms and are ready to release, some issues regarding memory usage and minimum spec configurations experiencing more failures have emerged.”

“Considering the legacy of Prison Architect, and you – our passionate community, we want to ship the best possible sequel to such a beloved game, without cutting corners to do so.”

Reaction to the second delay for Prison Architect 2

Double Eleven will discuss and elaborate on its intentions to further develop some of the existing features of the game during a Prison Architect 2 stream on April, 25, in which it will detail further updates as part of the timeline to release the game in September.

Social media reactions were generally accepting, especially after Paradox issued an apology this week for the botched release of Cities Skylines 2. One user on X stated, “I’ll take it, Paradox is learning from Cities Skylines 2 that rushing a game is never good,” whilst another opined, “I’m glad this is happening, it’s good to see developers admitting their game isn’t going to be ready when originally planned, and taking action on it.”

There was disappointment expressed but given the context of the previous delay and other Paradox problems, patience and space will be granted by gamers as long as the upcoming release of Prison Architect 2 delivers.

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